04_World's biggest Boogie Woogie Course - Part 3, [ADVANCED]

Part 3 of the Boogie Woogie video course by the internationally renowned pianist Luca Sestak. In a total of 30 videos, Luca Sestak shows runs, rolls, repeat figures, tremolos, octave runs, boogie bass figures, intro, ending, etc. In addition to the 30 videos, there are 146 pages of sheet music (PDF). A wonderful addition to your boogie woogie improvisation!

This product includes

ZIP-files Boogie_Advanced_EN-Video_48-57.zip668.26 MB, Boogie_Advanced_EN-Video_58-67.zip589.06 MB, Boogie_Advanced_EN-Video_68-77.zip675.38 MB, Boogie_Sheet-Music_Advanced.zip9.81 MB

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