03_World's biggest Boogie Woogie Course - Part 2, [INTERMEDIATE]

Part 2 of the Boogie Woogie video course by the internationally renowned pianist Luca Sestak. In a total of 25 videos, Luca Sestak shows runs, repeat-licks, boogie bass pattern, intros, endings and much more. In addition to the 25 videos, there are 110 pages of sheet music (PDF). A wonderful addition to your boogie woogie improvisation!

The video below shows outcuts from the intermediate and advanced part of the course!

This product includes

ZIP-files Boogie_intermediate_Video_23-25_EN.zip2.76 GB, Boogie_intermediate_Video_26-28_EN.zip1.94 GB, Boogie_intermediate_Video_29-31_EN.zip1.67 GB, Boogie_intermediate_Video_32-34_EN.zip1.95 GB, Boogie_intermediate_Video_35-38_EN.zip2.27 GB, Boogie_intermediate_Video_39-41_EN.zip2.11 GB, Boogie_intermediate_Video_42-44_EN.zip2.06 GB, Boogie_intermediate_Video_45-47_EN.zip1.86 GB, Worlds_Boogie_Basic_Sheet_Music_Intermediate.zip6.89 MB

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