02_World's biggest Boogie Woogie Course - Part 1, [BASICS]

Boogie Woogie Basic Course by Luca Sestak! Currently available on in german language! At the moment we work on the english Version. Coming soon!

Send us an email if you would like to be informed about the publication of the course!  info@migu-music.com

This product includes

ZIP-files Boogie_Basic_Noten_51_PDF_Dateien.zip4.37 MB, Boogie_Basic_Video_1-3.zip2.67 GB, Boogie_Basic_Video_4-6.zip2.1 GB, Boogie_Basic_Video_7-9.zip2.46 GB, Boogie_Basic_Video_10-13.zip2.71 GB, Boogie_Basic_Video_14-16.zip1.73 GB, Boogie_Basic_Video_17-19.zip1.18 GB, Boogie_Basic_Video_20-22.zip1.67 GB

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